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Trish Mackie-Smith speaks to A Current Affair about better seller disclosure to home buyers

BuildingPro’s Trish and Andrew Mackie-Smith speak on national television on 30 September 2016 campaigning for fairer property laws. Victims of the buyer beware law are interviewed about their unjust experiences in order to raise awareness of the need for better laws to protect home buyers. Thanks to senior reporter Chris Allen for taking an interest […]

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New Smoke Alarm Laws!!

At BuildingPro, we care about the safety of your buildings so we want you to know about new legislation that will make Queensland households the safest in Australia with respect to fire safety. Queensland dwellings will soon be required to have interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms in all bedrooms, in hallways that connect bedrooms with the […]

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BuildingPro was interviewed by 9News about tougher laws to protect home buyers

Our petition to Queensland Parliament is still open and still gaining momentum. We have again been picked up by the media and interviewed this time by 9 News about the absolute need for tougher laws to protect Queensland home buyers from buying a defective property.

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ABC Radio Interview with Trish Mackie-Smith about petition for better seller disclosure

Trish Mackie-Smith was interviewed by Kelly-Higgins Devine on ABC Morning Radio about the Qld parliament petition she started for better seller disclosure to property buyers. The petition that was tabled in Qld parliament on 16th August 2016 has been referred to the Attorney-General the hon Yvette D’Ath for a response. The interview discussed the reasons […]

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BuildingPro speaks to 7 News about “unjust” law

Our petition to Queensland Parliament is gaining momentum daily and as we near the June 30 deadline, we’ve caught the attention of 7 News, Smart Property Investment Magazine, Your Investment Property Magazine, Westside News, Quest Newspapers and the Courier Mail.

Trish is also in talks with a number of other news outlets, so keep an eye out for her.

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Smoke Alarm Installation Info Sheet

Did you know you lose your sense of smell once you fall asleep? In the event of a fire, this increases the risk of being overcome with smoke and toxic fumes while you are sleeping.

To keep your family safe, it is important to ensure your smoke alarms are properly installed, in working order and checked regularly.

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Warning! Innocent buyers may incur huge financial losses due to Buyer Beware.

Are you aware that buyers of real estate have no consumer protection rights unlike all other consumers? The old fashioned common law principle “Caveat Emptor” or Buyer Beware still applies to home buyers. Under our current law the onus rests entirely with the buyer to uncover hidden defects that are not disclosed prior to the […]

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Podcast Interview: How to Inspect Like a Pro with Andrew Mackie-Smith

BuildingPro’s Andrew Mackie-Smith was recently interviewed by Brisbane buyers agent, Karen Young, for an episode of her Everyday Property Investing podcast.

They discussed what to look out for in an inspection, common issues found during Building & Pest Inspections and how you can use the reports help to avoid costly mistakes or negotiate a better price.

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BuildingPro Tip: Pool Owners can face fines if they do not meet the new Pool Safety Standards by 30 November 2015!

At BuildingPro our aim is to assist you so that all your buildings including your pool comply with the legislation under the Building Act 1975.

ALL pool owners in Queensland have a responsibility to ensure that their pools comply with the new pool safety standard by 30th November 2015 otherwise they may face on-the spot fines by Council.

The legislation can be confusing for pool owners so here is a list of the important things you need to know.

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BuildingPro Tip: Safety – Prevention is better than first aid!

At BuildingPro we care about your safety. Your home or rented property may not be as safe as you think. Here are 12 useful tips for checking your building:

Tip 1 – Check that window coverings like blinds and curtains do not have cords dangling where they could be a strangulation risk. Cords should be at least 1600mm above floor level and tied off on a suitable hook. This is a high risk when a child’s bed is placed under a cord that they can get tangled up in it.

Tip 2 – Check the height of windows above floor level. If a child could climb out of a window then you need to limit the opening to 125mm or install a suitable security screen to prevent them falling out of the window. This is a high risk when a child’s bed is placed under an openable window on the upper floor level.

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